Congrats to our graduate 2016

On Monday, June 13, 2016, we celebrated the 2016 tenth grade class as they graduated from Torderød skole. We are very proud parents! We wish you all the best! Read more

Proud of you, Andreas!

Here’s some good bragging! Our oldest son completed his A-levels at Tyrifjord videregående skole (Junior high) this week nailing a top grade in the oral exam in Norwegian. Well done!

Now, what choices will you be making for next year, and for the future? We’re excited to find out!


Thomas graduated from secondary school

We are very proud parents! We wish you all the best!

Status scissored from Katariina’s FB-profile:

“Today my Thomas was done with all his 10 years of the Norwegian secondary school! 🙂 It doesn’t really seem so long ago since his very first day at school – I even remember what he was wearing that day…;) Amazing how he suddenly has become such a big boy!?”

Thomas and mum outside Torderød school on graduation day



Our oldest son gratuated from secondary school today

School portrain

Andreas in the 10th grade, Ekrehagen skole

Today was the last day of school for the pupils at Ekrehagen skole, but this year is a milestone in Andreas’ life as he now has officially completed his ten year compulsory education. This momentous occasion was celebrated on Tuesday this week by way of a fine dinner for the graduates and their parents, teachers, vice-principal and the Principal. Take a look at a few pics from a couple of the events this week.
Graduation dinner
It is customary at the annual graduation dinner for the teachers, the principal, the parents’ representatives and the home room teacher to give speeches that focus on highlights of the past year and even glimpses from their entire ten years of schooling.
Particularly touching was one of the teacher’s (Darin) presentation of each pupil. He had brought a box of things, and as he pulled out one thing after the other, he explained with great humour and sincerity what characteristics each item would make him associate with each pupil. When it came to Andeas, Darin pulled out a weight and started working on his biceps saying: “When I grow up, I want to be strong like Andreas.”
After dinner, the class was taken out for a photo shoot, and here they are.

photo-shoot-10klasse-2009-2010- 15.06

Summer show
Thursday night added to Andreas experience of finishing compulsory education, because after an entertaining one hour program by the pupils performed for pupils, ex-pupils, parents, family, friends and teachers, the graduates received their grade diploma while being applauded by a proud, cheerful and touched audience. Congratulations to Andreas and his class for surviving ten years of school victoriously. It will undoubtedly be exciting to see what choices they make for their future. Good luck, God bless!
If you’re interested in seeing film clips from this year’s summer show, pls visit here.