Christmas special: Leaning beyond one’s centre of gravity

Trying to lean beyond one’s center of gravity definitely leads to a giant, awkward step forward to retain balance, but when there’s Christmas tree magic, this may happen. Read more

Drone areal film of Torderød school – Dronefilm av Torderød skole, Jeløy

A couple of friends of mine own a drone, and this weekend we got an awesome areal film shoot of Torderød school where I teach. Just take a peep at it here!

So, I’m in an advertising campaign for my school

Torderød skole is presently running an advertising campaign to increase pupil enrollment up to 80. So I was the photographer’s pick as a model, and as you may notice from the text ad (in English: being a good teacher), I can feel the pressure building. At the same time, I’m enjoying a bit of attention around my profession, which is needed in Norway.

The advert was a full page feature in both of the local newspapers in the Moss-area, but I have yet to experience being recognised in the shops, hehe, so I suppose this way of public exposure will, hopefully, serve its purpose. Read more

BaseCamp8 – a great experience

During week 2 of 2014, 75 8th graders and some 25 teachers from all the Norwegian SDA schools were together at BaseCamp8, a one week stay at Mesnali campsite with emphasis on outdoor winter activities. This shot was taken on Expedition Day where everyone went crosscountry skiing on superb tracks on crisp snow in the Mesnali area. Two of my sons were there, my 13 year old with his class and my 19 year old as a teacher’s assistent. Had a great week! Read more

Golden autumn leaves at The Torderød Estate

I captured this scene of the alley of  The Torderød estate during lunch break at Torderød school. Strolling up the alley some thoughts flased through my mind awestricken by the sparkling, golden leaves of autumn.

Yellow leaves, autumn often symbolize death in litterature, and perhaps this can be traced back to the very first autumn. I can hardly imagine how Adam and Eve must have felt the first time they experienced the sombre yet fruitful autumn where a continual rich paradise summer faded from green – to yellow – to death. Fortunately, they were reminded of God’s power and promise of restoration when life streamed back into nature that first spring.




Se halvsides annonse i boligavisa til PRIVAT Megleren Tromsø

Her kan du se annonsen som Privatmegleren Tromsø har laget for meglerens egen boligavis. Flott annonse, synes jeg! Da er det bare å komme på visning onsdag 30.2. fra 17.30-18.30



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Ein juletanke: Frå krise til velsigning

God jol frå det mørke Nord-Noreg. Eg tenkte å dele ein tanke kring ein kjend forteljing og ein kjend julesang.
Kanskje har du lest eller hørt at ein av våre mest kjente julesongar blei skreven fordi eit pumpeorgel var gått i stykker?

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OneCall ruler på datatrafikk

onecall-logo.jpgFikk rundskriv fra OneCall, hvor jeg har mobilabonnementet mitt, “folkepakka” for å være konkret. Endelig en leverandør som vet å gjøre kundene fornøyde. Nå får man nemlig 400 Mb datatrafikk inkludert i pakka pr mnd! Jippii!

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Dropbox – smart way of syncing and sharing files

dropbox-logo.jpgIn my opinion, Dropbox is close to the smoothes backup, sync and sharing tool around. Only after using it for a couple of weeks, I’m convinced this is the smartest, fastest and most user friendly tool I’ve come across!

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My wife’s children’s clothes webstore now has a blog! (also forwards from is my wife’s webstore selling children’s clothing. Now she has a webstore blog where more elaborate, both formal and informal, information may be communicated. Visit the blog at

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