His first trampoline backflip

N’s oldest brother succeeded in teaching him a backflip on the trampoline today. Here is a film-clip of this momentous occation!
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The human flag at Tromøy Viewpoint

Awesome spring Easter weather invided the boys and me on a bike-ride around the eastern part of the island of Tromøy. In passing Tromøy Viewpoint, we couldn’t help but do the Human flag on the outside of the railing. Check these cool shots out!

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Mathias in Norwegian Gymnastics Cup no. 1 in Trøgstad

On 11. – 12. March Mathias took part in the Norwegian Gymnastics Cup no. 1 in Trøgstad competing for the club called “Nedre Glomma Turnforening”, an event at which his team got first place.


Nr. 1 i lagkonkurranse Norgescup 1 Trøgstad

Nedre Glomma Turn got first place in the Norwegian Gymnastics Cup no. 1, 2012

Here is the list of results for the recruites (source: gymogturn.no)

Mathias doing giants on high bar

At 9 Mathias can already do giants on high bar. He practises about 2,5 hours three times a week. Here you can see the first time he did giants on high bar all on his own. His trainers were proud, and his parents, of course.

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Andreas can do ENDO in high bar

The Endo is a free straddle circle forward through handstand, and now Andreas is sufficiently confident to include it in his routine in the Norwegian Cup in Stavanger at the end of February 2009. Here is a videoclip from a practise this week where he did a beatuful ENDO!

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Close to mastering the GIANT

Our eight year old gymnast is getting pretty close to doing the GIANT all on his own. This video clip shows him performing several giants in the swing bar this afternoon assisted by one of the Tromsø gymnastics club’s coaches, Geir. See a film clip here.

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The U14 gymnasts came second in the Nordic Championship 2008

a_nordisk08_small.jpgIn the boys’ U14 Nordic Championship on May 23, the Norwegian team performed well and came second in the team competition. Initially, Andreas didn’t qualify for this Championship, but after a series of unexpected events, he was added to the team. With his shoulder not quite healed and a hurting knee, he did four exercises for the team.

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Fra itromso.no: Flotte turnere!

Uttatt til nordisk mesterskap
Unge tromsøturnere skal bryne seg på de beste i Norden.

Skrevet av: Torbjørn O.Karlsen

Nordisk mesterskap i turn går på Elverum 23. – 25. mai.

Og blant de seks som skal representere Norge i U14-klassen er Håkon-Gunnar Jensen. Jensen har vært blant de beste 14-åringene over to Norges CUp-konkurranser i vår, og får nå altså sjansen i nordisk mesterskap.

– Utviklingen hans er god for tiden og trenerteamet gleder seg til å se Håkon-Gunnar i aksjon på Elverum, sier hovedtrener Børge Johansen i Tromsø Turnforening, TTF.

En annen TTF-turner, Andreas Stavdal, er forøvrig 1. reserve til U-14 Nordisk.

1- reserve er også Runar Dahl-Hansen (21), men da for seniorlaget. Det var han også i helgens europamesterskap.


Our boys and the North Norwegian Gymnastics Championships 2008

Although children below the age of ten do not receive podium recongnition (fortunately), according to the score sheet Mathias came first in his age-group in the North Norwegian Gymnastics Championships 2008. Happily he didn’t make too much of it other than being happy he succeeded in the various gymnastics apparatus. Andreas was somewhat dissatisfied with his 3rd place, but was comforted by the fact that his buddies were the ones that beat him in addition to having had less hours of training due to an injured shoulder.

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