A very merry Christmas 2015

Greetings to you and thanks for dropping by my blog! Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016 ! Much love from Katariina, Rune, Andreas, Thomas, Mathias, Niklas…and I’m sure our dog, Bella, and our cat, Selma, are sending gentle barking and soft purring, too! Read more

A Photogenic Cat

Just a little update on this rather photogenic member of the family, perhaps a news update that is more interesting to its owners than the random reader of this blog… I published this photo on Instagram with the comment: “Perhaps the most photogenic member of our family”. One contact remarked “that would be your wife”, and of course she was right.


My kid loves his school

I’ve been fortunate to have my youngest kid at a school where he thrives. Dedicated teachers, an environment comprised of  smaller classes than in the public schools combined with high academic standards and founded on a Christian philosophy of education, make a school my youngest loves attending. He was just happy to pose in this picture. Check out Torderød school’s website. Read more

Happy Norwegian Constitution Day – 17. May

Constitution Day is a celebration of which children are the pivot point. Here is my youngest literally jumping for joy! Read more