Support ADRA Norway’s Ingathering 2016

I’d like to strike a blow for this year’s ADRA Norway ingathering. I truly believe that education makes releasing lives from poverty, injustice, prejudice and even war possible. Furthermore, education is the foundation on which the development of health services, agraculture, business and infrastructure are built. According to ADRA Norway, most children in Ethiopia attend school at an early age, but they leave way too early, often because their help is needed at home. However, no-one can take your education away from you. It has a bearing on families and local communities.  This is exactly what the 2016 project is all about. “Educating for the future: a human right for all,” is the slogan printed on the flyers and the webpage. Ethiopia is the main focus of the 2016 Ingathering.

Torderød school, the Moss and Fredrikstad Church school, is taking part in the annual ingathering for three days, 13. – 15. September,  when they basically collect money door-to-door equipped with permits, badges and special collection tins.


Hjelpeaksjon 2016

My kid loves his school

I’ve been fortunate to have my youngest kid at a school where he thrives. Dedicated teachers, an environment comprised of  smaller classes than in the public schools combined with high academic standards and founded on a Christian philosophy of education, make a school my youngest loves attending. He was just happy to pose in this picture. Check out Torderød school’s website. Read more