NIV_NC_oct2005_small.jpgI’m really looking forward to another N.I.V. reunion, this time at the annual SDA Summer Camp (previously called Family Camp) at Nisser, Telemark, Norway in the summer of 2008. Our last reunion was during the Week of Spiritual Emphasis at Newbold College in October 2005. The theme title for the evening meetings is: “Oh God, where am I going?” Download info folder here.

The members of the N.I.V. are keen on witnessing
The positive feedback we got both during and after our 2005 Newbold College reunion, gave us regained confidence in the group’s ability to again witness through music. When we in 2007 received an invitation from the SDA Norwegian Union to sing and speak at the SDA Family Camp in Norway, we didn’t hesitate to accept. Our biggest challenge as a group is, of course, coordinating everything since we live in different parts of the world. But by God’s grace, we’ll make it!
The theme title for the camp is: “Oh God, where am I going?”
And the description of the theme is :
“We’ve all asked ourselves this question at one time or another in our lives and this week the international acapella group, NIV, will be joining us on our journey of faith and helping to answer this question. Through their music and personal experience NIV will encourage us toward our great destination and share inspiration on how to get there.”
Hoping to see some of you at the camp!
Here we are recording a few songs to go on a CD, Newbold College, October 2005.
What’s the N.I.V.?
N.I.V. stands for Newbold International Version, and as the name indicates, the members of this male vocal Christian acapella group are of different national backgrounds and met while students at Newbold College close to Bracknell, England.
The unique experience of a Christian community, Church and dormitory/married students’ quarter- life that this Seventh-day Adventist college provided, both building a solid friendship within the group and getting together for daily practices was easy. Thus the group gradually built up a repertoire of about twenty Christian accapella songs from 1989-1993. Some songs were added later while on tour.
The members of the group are:
Geert – from Holland, now in England. Staff at Newbold College.
Paul – from England, councellor
Leslie – from England, pastor
Robert – from England, now in Denmark as youth pastor
Rune – from Norway, educator/teacher
Theodore – from Bulgaria, now in the U.S.A. Pastor and doing his Ph.d. at Andrews University
Atte – from Finland, pastor. President of the SDA Union also doing a Ph.d.
Onno – from Holland.
To see some live performances by the N.I.V., visit this page.