Awesome spring Easter weather invided the boys and me on a bike-ride around the eastern part of the island of Tromøy. In passing Tromøy Viewpoint, we couldn’t help but do the Human flag on the outside of the railing. Check these cool shots out!

You are perhaps curious about how huge a drop it is from the railing down? Well, I won’t tell you. Go see for yourself. Tromøy is worth exploring, and a bikeride is highly recommened!


At 9 Mathias can already do giants on high bar. He practises about 2,5 hours three times a week. Here you can see the first time he did giants on high bar all on his own. His trainers were proud, and his parents, of course.

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The Endo is a free straddle circle forward through handstand, and now Andreas is sufficiently confident to include it in his routine in the Norwegian Cup in Stavanger at the end of February 2009. Here is a video clip from a practise this week where he did a beautiful ENDO!

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