Here is a collection of quite a few of our Christmas card pictures as far back as 1995.

We would like to wish our visitors a blessed Christmas season and a happy New Year!

julebilde_small.jpg….and may Faith, Hope and Love be treasures in the New Year! Rather than the traditional (and slightly boring) “Merry Christmas”- greeting, we fell for a more Biblical, yet universal wording. Please click and be greeted by our Chrismas card!

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It is now nearly half a year since my last blog post, so finally a solid one, because here is our Christmas 2009 picture! We wish you all a blessed Christmas season and a prosperous New Year 2010!
See the post for larger size.

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Sweet boys, best friends and… They were both kindy boys and at that time we lived in Kroken, Tromsdalen. Read more

This was the first Christmas photo of ours that was taken with a digital camera, a Canon Ixus 500 to be exact.

December 2004, Dramsveien, Tromsø. Read more

This year’s Christmas photo of our boys!

Dramsveien, Tromsø

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I don’t remember if we had started the tradition of sending Christmas cards to family and friends in 1994, but these two beauties would have made a wonderful X’mas greeting anyways. I decided to set the post date to 1994 so the Christmas card category would show the photos chornologically.