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How to set up IPTV Multicast from Telenor fibre on USG 3P

Perhaps, like me,  you’d also like to replace the Telenor Zyxcel router with the Unifi Security Gateway (USG)? Here’s how I set it up successfully after perhaps 20 hours of trial and error. It goes without saying, I’m not a pro at this, just an enthusiastic amateur. So after pouring over most of the relevant […]

Support ADRA Norway’s Ingathering 2016

I’d like to strike a blow for this year’s ADRA Norway ingathering. I truly believe that education makes releasing lives from poverty, injustice, prejudice and even war possible. Furthermore, education is the foundation on which the development of health services, agraculture, business and infrastructure are built. According to ADRA Norway, most children in Ethiopia attend school at […]