N.I.V. stands for Newbold International Version, and as the name indicates, the members of this male vocal Christian acapella group are of different national backgrounds and met while students at Newbold College close to Bracknell, England. I started singing with the group in -91, which is why I’m sharing some of my video-takes with you. Unfortunately, the sound and image quality of a Sony video 8 camera isn’t all that impressing anymore.

NIV at Week of Spiritual Emphasis at Newbold in 2006

NIV at Newbold in 2006

The unique experience of a Christian community, Church and dormitory/married students’ quarter- life that this Seventh-day Adventist college provided, both building a solid friendship within the group and getting together for daily practices was easy. Thus the group gradually built up a repertoire of about twenty Christian accapella songs from 1989-1993. Some songs were added later while on tour. Even after several of the N.I.V. members graduated from Newbold in -93, the same group got back together from all over the world to tour both Holland in -94 and Norway in -95.

After an eleven year break, they gave the Week of Spiritual Emphasis at Newbold College in October 2006! The experience of being able to share the Good News through singing and talks lead to an invitation as the main guest speakers and singers at the 2008 SDA Norwegian Summer Camp, and the following year at the SDA 1-100 Camp in Finland!

Enjoy the recordings in this post.

The N.I.V. are:

(Updated Dec 28 2015)

Geert – Originally from Holland, Geert has an M.A in Theology and pastoral ministry from Newbold college England worked as dean and leader of Spiritual and social activities at Newbold College and senior pastor at Central London Church. Geert is married has a daughter.

Paul – currently serves his church in Manchester as an elder. He completed a theology M.A at Newbold College in 1994 and later went on to further studies in counselling, social work and mental health law in Manchester, England where he lives with his wife and their daughter. Paul is originally from Manchester but has his roots in Jamaica and Barbados.

Leslie – graduated with an M.A from Newbold College, is a qualified family counselor and is the Family life leader for the Adventist church in the South England Conference (England) He comes originally from London but has (parental) roots in Carriacou, West Indies. He is married has two children.

Robert – Pastor of Silkeborg and Århus Cafékirke. After completing an M.A at Newbold College Robert pastored for three years in England before coming to Denmark in 1997 as youth pastor at Vejlefjorskolen, now pastoring at The Cafe Church in Copenhagen. Robert has three children. He is originally from England and has roots in Jamaica.

Rune – Teacher at Ekrehagen skole Tromsø for 14 years, Torderød skole, Moss for 6 years, Norway. After graduating from Newbold with a BA in Theology, he studied English, P.E, Maths and pedagogic in both the US and Norway. He has been involved in teaching and education the past 19 years. Married to a lady from Finland and they have 4 sons.

Theodore – is pastor of Lewisville SDA church, Texas, USA where he lives with his wife and son. After his B.A from Newbold College Theo graduated with and M.Div from Andrews University Michigan USA where he later completed a PhD in Adventist Theological history.

Atte – comes from Finland and graduated with MA (OT major, Missions minor) from Newbold College, currently working on his PhD with Newbold. He has served the last 7 years as the president of the Adventist church in Finland and is married.

Onno – from Holland, and he sang with the group in 91/92 + joined in concert at SDA Youth congress, Holland, 1994, and has since that time not sung with the NIV. But we’re hoping he’ll be able to join us at a reunion sometime.

“Blessed Assurance” – Holland -94

N.I.V. reunion in Holland where we gave a concert at the Dutch SDA Youth Congress in 1994

“Blessed Assurance” – Ireland -93

N.I.V. held a concert at one SDA-Church in Belfast, Ireland in the spring of 1993. Only a part of the song was recorded.