Astrid U. Jacobsen trained Tromsø ski-club today

World Championship gold medallist in sprint, 2007, Astrid U. Jacobsen, visited Tromsø ski-club this weekend. On Sunday afternoon Sept. 23. she lead out in a ski training session with Tromsø ski club. Among the lucky skiers was Thomas. During the ski training, she focused on peaking their uphill elasticity. They were pretty impressed with her strength and elasticity, and she took the opportunity to encourage the young skiers to keep at it regularly. After a 1,5 hour work-out, they did some stretching out and afterwards everyone was proud to have a team-picture taken with her in it. The most eager skiers queued up to ask for her signature, among them – Thomas who patiently waited until she was available for signing his wolly ski-hat.


Here Astrid Jacobsen is modelling a proper strech-out

The crowd of parents and coches that gathered around the skiers and Astrid Jacobsen, couldn’t fail to observe her talent for instruction and she displayed a good, contagious sense of enthusiasm coupled with good dialogue skills.

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  1. Rune
    Rune says:

    Det var kjempegøy og ho var utrolig flink med ungan. Jeg tror hun er et positivt forbilde for disse unge, fremadstormende skiløperan.

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