USG 3P - Multicast setup Telenor fibre

Perhaps, like me,  you’d also like to replace the Telenor Zyxcel router with the Unifi Security Gateway (USG)? Here’s how I set it up successfully after perhaps 20 hours of trial and error. It goes without saying, I’m not a pro at this, just an enthusiastic amateur. So after pouring over most of the relevant threads from 2016 – 2019 in the forum at , I eventually managed to get the IPTV from Telenor working.


Firstly, connect Telenor’s Fibre box to the USG’s WAN1, and connect the Telenor T-WE-box to the WAN2/LAN2 of the USG. The LAN 1 port should be connected to, in my case, the UniFi Switch 8 POE-60W.

In the Controller Settings, click on Networks, click + to add a new network; a local network assigned to the LAN2-port on the USG. Below is a screenshot of my setup.

IMPORTANT!  Enable IGMP snooping (read what it does here) AND UPnP LAN!

The Networks page will look something like this:


Next, in the Controller Settings, click on Routing & Firewall in the left column. Then at the top, click on Firewall -> Groups. Then click the + CREATE NEW GROUP button. Configure your new group in this way. You may name it whatever you’d like:

This group is the list of network addresses that we expect to receive IPTV- broadcasts from. I identified a block of addresses that work with the CL of  Telenor T-WE in Norway. If this does not work for you, look up on dsl-reports or other places to find what addresses CL is using in your area. Another slightly risky option, is leaving your firewall completely open to all incoming UDP traffic until you find the proper source address, but I obviously wouldn’t leave it that way for very long!

Once you are finished, your Groups page will look approximately like this:


The next step to take, is adding the two firewall rules needed. The first rule allows IGMP packets to hit the WAN port. Navigate at the top to Firewall -> Rules -> WAN LOCAL and click the + CREATE NEW RULE button. Configure the rule the following way (again, name it what you’d like):

Once finished, your WAN_LOCAL rules should look like this on a default setup:

The second rule will allow UDP packets originating from the source group that we configured in the beginning to pass through to the LAN. Navigate to Firewall -> Rules -> WAN IN and click the + CREATE NEW RULE button again. Configure the rule the following way (follow whatever naming conventions you’ve been using so as to recognize their functions, might be a worthwhile):

When you’ve completed setting that up, your WAN_IN rules will look like this on a default install:


This step could just as well have been done at the very beginning, but now will work just as well.

Click Services -> UPNP-> WAN IN and and switch on as shown below. Under Networks, LAN 2 should be ON since our local network assigns our multicast flow to that port.


That’s all there is to it for the GUI part of the configuration. Now you need to enable the IGMP proxy on the gateway. This cannot be done through the GUI at this time. In order to enable this, you need to place a custom config.gateway.json file in the appropriate site directory on your controller (where you have installed the Controller, in my case on a PC. Using your text editor of choice, for example Notepad++, create a file named config.gateway.json with the following contents:

        "protocols": {
                "igmp-proxy": {
                        "interface": {
                                "eth0": {
                                        "alt-subnet": [ "" ],
                                        "role": "upstream",
                                        "threshold": "1"
                                "eth1": {
                                        "alt-subnet": [ "" ],
                                        "role": "downstream",
                                        "threshold": "1"

You need to copy this file into the appropriate directory on the controller. You can refer to the instructions here for where to place the file.

Now all you need to do is reprovision your gateway. It will automatically start igmp-proxy on every reprovision. Below is where mine is located:

This section was added 18.4.2020

USG CloudKey

If you have the USG CloudKey, go to this USD Advance configuration which shows how to add the config.gateway.json to the Cloudkey. 

This is really important to do: On Cloud Key, the install path for the .json file is: /srv/unifi/data/sites/[site name/default]/. In my case, the folder “sites” and “site name” “default” did not exist, and I had to manually create them.

Below is a screen grab showing where you find the site name in the Controller panel.

Unifi Cloud Key - Unifi Controller - sites - site name

I hope this works out for you! All the best of luck!

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  1. Rune Stavdal
    Rune Stavdal says:

    I’ve gotten a few responses to this guide saying it does not work. Well, I also encountered problems when using the controller software from a PC/laptop. However, when setting up the unifi cloud key, it works smoothly.

    This USG Advanced configuration shows how to add the config.gateway.json to the Cloud key.

    This is really important to do: On Cloud Key the install path for the .json file is: /srv/unifi/data/sites/[site name/default]/. In my case, the folder “sites” and “site name” “default” did not exist, and I had to manually create them.

  2. Andreas Holm
    Andreas Holm says:


    Takk for fin guide. Jeg fikk dette til å fungere med min USG og T-We boks II fra Telenor 🙂


  3. Rune Stake Stavdal
    Rune Stake Stavdal says:

    The reason why this set up only works with the cloud key, and not the Controller is that there is a bug in the Windows Java run Controller whereas the cloud key runs on a Linux based os.

    So buying one of Unifi’s cloud key is what will resolve the issue.

    • That guy
      That guy says:

      The controller runs very well under Docker (linux based container) or on a Linux VM. You don’t need dedicated hardware to make it work as intended, even if you’re stuck on windows.

  4. Svein
    Svein says:


    Vil dette være mulig med unifi dream machine? Får t-we boks ii og fiber installert etter påske.

    Jeg hadde tenkt å koble t-we boksen trådløst. Har det noe å si? Det er grunnet plasseringen til fiberen.

    • Tom Reiertsen
      Tom Reiertsen says:

      Hei Svein,

      Jeg har nylig bestilt meg en Dream Machine også for å erstatte en gammel Asus RT-AC5300 og jeg har også T-We Box II. Fikk du dette til å fungere sammen?
      Jeg er veldig interessert i å høre om det fungerte sammen.


  5. Christian
    Christian says:

    Hi I also got this to work on my USG-3, but was unable to find /data/sites/site_ID

    I run Controller software in a container.
    So I had to run thise commands before placing config.gateway.json

    mkdir -p /usr/lib/unifi/data/sites/
    chown unifi:unifi /usr/lib/unifi/data/sites/
    mkdir -p /usr/lib/unifi/data/sites/default
    chown unifi:unifi /usr/lib/unifi/data/sites/default

    Add json file then:

    chown unifi:unifi config.gateway.json

    Otherwise super guide! Thanks for spending the 20 hours so I only had to use 20 min.

  6. Marcin
    Marcin says:

    Can i get some private assist? My provider is FiberLink (Toya group) (Poland)
    Internet works on PPPoE vlan 626 and IPTV works on vlan 3980.

    Internet works ok but cannot get working IPTV even on any port of my UniFi switch ;(


  7. Tor-Einar Eriksen
    Tor-Einar Eriksen says:

    Hi Rune, great working example you have
    I used your working config example and got it to work on USG with the second port (lan2). But this restrict me to use the second port (lan2) on USG that is not wired around the house. But what if I want to distribute the T-We multicast on the Lan1 port and assign this to several ports on existing switches in my house. Example if I have several T-We IP set-top boxes that should reach the same multicast. Perhaps this can be done using VLAN. Have you tried that?

  8. Ronny Hansen
    Ronny Hansen says:

    Thank you for this article, it made my configuration working.

    I still had the problem with the 5 minute until dropoff, but then I went back to the firewall settings and added a second “Allow IGMP” this time for “Internet Local” (in addition to “Internet in”) on the “Type”.

    Using Unify Cloud Key Version 1.1.13 and Unifi version 6.0.23-14253-1 with and USG-3P gateway

    Also my json file looks like this

    “protocols”: {
    “igmp-proxy”: {
    “interface”: {
    “eth1”: {
    “alt-subnet”: [ “” ],
    “role”: “downstream”,
    “threshold”: “1”
    “eth0”: {
    “alt-subnet”: [ “” ],
    “role”: “upstream”,
    “threshold”: “1”

    On my USG the ethernet is configured like this
    eth0 = WAN1
    eth1 =  LAN1
    eth2 = WAN2/LAN2

    You can log on to the gateway using SSH and execute “Show interfaces” in case you want to double check.

  9. Tony
    Tony says:

    Har du opplevd problemer med T-WE boksen ifbm oppdatering av programkort? Satte opp nettverk hos svigers nå (ERX-SFP i stedet for USG, men oppsettet er jo ellers identisk når man finner de samme menyene) og alt funker fint. Men nå i helgen hadde de oppdatert hvilke kanaler de skal ha på TV-abb. og i etterkant av å ha lagret utvalget av kanaler så ville ikke lyd/bilde fungere før jeg koblet T-WE-boksen rett i fiber-modem og gjennomførte en omstart av den. Etter dette fungerte alt helt fint igjen.

    Husker fra da fiber-installatør var til stede at vedkommende nevnte at ved første gangs oppstart/konfigurasjon av T-WE boksen “måtte” man ha denne koblet direkte i fiber-modemet (også nevnte han vel at det ikke var helt nødvendig men at man måtte åpne diverse porter osv som folk flest ikke kunne noe om og derfor var det anbefalt å gjøre det på den måten).

  10. Ole Simen Kristiansen
    Ole Simen Kristiansen says:

    Noe som andre en meg som opplever problem med ukesarkiv. Når vi ser på et program fra i går, hopper den over noen sekunder, oppleves som brudd i streamen. Når jeg spoler tilbake oppstår samme “hopp” hver gang. Telenor sier det er nettverkskable/tilbakstilling av dekoder/restart av zyxcel som jeg ikke bruker) og fjerne 3 parts utstyr. Håpløst…..

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