My kid loves his school

I’ve been fortunate to have my youngest kid at a school where he thrives. Dedicated teachers, an environment comprised of  smaller classes than in the public schools combined with high academic standards and founded on a Christian philosophy of education, make a school my youngest loves attending. He was just happy to pose in this picture. Check out Torderød school’s website.

Ok, I know I’m biased since I work as a teacher at that very school, and since Torderød skole is running an enrollment campaign these days, I though the only suitable place to put in a good word for the school would be on my personal blog. And still, I really wouldn’t have my own kids (yep, I have four kids aged 9, 15, 19 and 21) at Torderød unless I knew it would profit my kids beyond the learning of subjects. Even though the teachers at Torderød are highly qualified, I believe teachers are equally capable in the public school system.

Why a Christian privat school?

The school is smaller with about 70-80 kids between 6 and 16. Individual attention and a far better chance of the teachers establishing close, trusting relationships with the pupils come with the share size of the groups and the multigrade classrooms. This is undoubtedly a huge advantage, but not crucial to my choice for the kids. The implementation of Christian values that derive from a Christian philosophy of education is what makes me have my kids at Torderød school, and as a matter of fact, it is the chief reason why I keep working there.


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