Celebrating high school graduation on May 17

Thomas hasn’t been deeply invested into the  RUSS celebration, luckily, at least as far as his parents are concerned…since the traditional russ spree consists of drinking, insane partying and pulling off pranks whose justification are found in letting off the steam of 13 years of education. Although his falling sick a couple of weeks ago put a damper on his ability to take part in any social Russ activities, he did initially make the choice of not going for it, which personally I found to be a healthy choice.

He did, however, wear the red overall once or twice, but it wasn’t his own. Actually, he borrowed the one his older brother wore a couple of years ago. Furthermore, he seemed rather indifferent to both getting a hat and cards. I guess one reason could be that his girlfriend lives in Tromsø and he needs to save money for the flight tickets…

Tragically and supidly enough, the three weeks before the Constitution Day on May 17 is when they celebrate, before exams. At least he hasn’t let hefty reveling be in the way of exam prep.

Anyways, here’s a glimpse of him in the Russ parade on May 17 in Moss.


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