• Seventh-day Adventist Summer Camp, Finland, 2009

niv_finlane_july09.jpgLast year’s N.I.V. reunion at the SDA Summer Camp in Norway gave such good after-taste, that last week, SDA Finland launched a similar camp concept, and the N.I.V. were invited to be guest speakers and singers there. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing our faith in Jesus through talks, singing and mingling with the people that were there for the week.

The members of the N.I.V. ministerred through talks in the morning and the evening, and contributed with several work-shops, lead out in the teenagers’ program, and did some singing including a mini concert on Friday night. The theme and objective for the camp was: “Meet Jesus.” We really missed our second tenor, Theo, and hope he will make it next time!

Here you can see a few glimpses from the camp.