The sock mystery

Dozens of single socks have vanished without leaving a trace! It’s a mystery! Look at all the singles in the picture. None of them have a matching sock. Where have all the socks gone? That’s the question we’re pondering at present. You might have encountered the same puzzling mishap.

socks_smallOver the past eight years or so, we’ve had a sock-divorcees’ basket that has sadly, yet steadily been piling up. This baffling phenomenon does have an explanation, but we haven’t succeeded in resolving the dilemma yet.
One possible explanation: The cat.
When Emmi, the cat, is hungry she opens the door to the wardrobe and carries socks into the livingroom where she drops them on the floor miaowing for food. Who knows, she might have hidden a great number of socks in places we don’t know.
Two other possible suspects are the new washing machine and tumbler dryer. Who knows, perhaps socks are simply sucked in by the drum and dissapear.
One would perhaps think that a poor laundry system is to be blamed. The obvious scenario is where one sock is in the laundry while the other is in the drawer nice and clean. This, in turn, becomes a sustained vicious sircle because whenevere the kids run out of socks, they put on two that don’t match. Here I must disappoint you, because this is not the case. We know, because we have checked.
Actually, I’ve run out of explanations and plead for your help in this matter of great importance.

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  1. Student of yours
    Student of yours says:

    I know, it’s a mystery where the other socks went… but that’s just one of life’s mysteries.
    And just to congratulate you with the baby on the way!! Do you think it’s going to be a girl or a boy?
    But now, when do you think your house is going to be ready?
    From a student of yours:)

  2. gry
    gry says:

    Er det ikke merkelig at vi har akkurat det samme mysteriet hjemme hos oss? Hvor mange single sokker har dere? Jeg skal gå hjem og telle. Dette er ille!

  3. Winnie C. Stavdal
    Winnie C. Stavdal says:

    Jeg forstår virkelig ikke hva dere snakker om… Sokker som forsvinner? Det har jeg aldri opplevd. Kanskje de har fått bein å gå på?

  4. Rune S
    Rune S says:

    Thor, så koselig at du har vært innom sida! Hils masse til fam! Ang. sokkene, ja så kan det hende at de har gått i støvsugeren for alt jeg vet. Det hender nemlig tidt og ofte at vi hører et swoshp fra under sofaen…

  5. Winnie
    Winnie says:

    Ok, I’ve been living with the Stavdals for a month now, and after using their washing machine once, one of my socks is gone… Very strange indeed. However I am determined to find it. In that way I might solve the whole sock mystery!

  6. Winnie
    Winnie says:

    I apologise for being so arrogant and unempathic about the sock mystery; something expressed in my very first comment on the subject… My eyes were opened when I actually started washing my socks…ehr….

  7. Karen Olsen
    Karen Olsen says:

    Ja, det var nå helt utrolig at det ikke bare er MEG som opplever det sokkemysteriet… 🙂 Er akkurat som penner også – forsvinner i løse lufta! Fin hjemmeside forresten!
    Hils til Winnie:)
    Hilsen Karen

  8. Martin
    Martin says:

    Hallo Rune og gjengen. Jeg har løst sokkmysteriet!! det er vell ikke mulig at 75sokker plutselig flyr inn i støvsugeren, så det må være at hele familen spiser sokkene i søvne.
    Grunn til at bare en sokk forsvinner fra hvert par: Det er tydeligvis pga. at det skal bli et mysterie.
    (P.S ingen grunn til å takke for at jeg løste mysteriet)

  9. Rune Stavdal
    Rune Stavdal says:

    Nine years have passed since this seemingly stupid and unimportant entry. However, this is still a great mystery to me…the socks spread out on the floor in the picture is a rather small numer compared to the huge basket of singles we have now despite numerous times of sorting and trashing over the years… I have been comforted by friends, family and collegues who have given up on pairing the socks….

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